It lives!

Finally, a proper website that isn't cobbled together with pasted code! I'm really liking this Squarespace layout, and Squarespace in general -- although, I'm waiting eagerly for the day they release the Video Gallery ability, because I really need that. And really, why don't they have that yet?

Anyway, this new website will help me keep up-to-date on things, as opposed to me letting my galleries fall into disrepair and quite frankly, a genuine pit of despair. It'll also be an excuse for me to get off my ass and produce things again--mostly animation, but some illustration and design stuff too. Looking at the year-old+ illustrations makes me shudder. I can't even look at the animations.

To kick off this new beginning, I spent the last 2 days animating a video to commemorate my 1,000+ subscribers on Youtube. It's a small benchmark, but a benchmark nonetheless, and I never expected it to happen. I literally ignored my Youtube account all year and recently logged in to discover that I'd gone from about 10 subscribers to 1,128. And apparently a miniature fandom had formed in the dark corners of the internet, which both flatters and horrifies me--and makes me want to produce more shorts, so here I go!