Update 2015 - A New Year!

Hi guys! Carolyn (the director for Canary 751) here! It’s been a crazy long time, hasn’t it? I wanted to bring you guys up to speed about what’s been going on with Canary 751, and Fiddlegriff Animation in general.

Last year was a tough year for me. My family suffered from multiple crises (deaths, hospitalizations, a whole can of worms), followed by a bit of depression on my part. It interrupted the preproduction on Canary 751, as well as the other projects on the slate. I’m kind of a private person in regards to that stuff, so I kept quiet about it. But that’s what’s up, and why things have been so dead over here.

But have no fear! 2015 is a new year! Here’s what’s on the agenda!

Canary 751

(no need to worry about these dorks, they're still around!)

(no need to worry about these dorks, they're still around!)

Canary 751 is still in production! Well, preproduction. My initial completion estimates were way off, and probably will be for a while. The film is currently planned to be 1 hour and 20 minutes, with 1 hour of the storyboards currently complete. We’re working quickly on it, but a feature film is a crazy amount of work, as you can guess!

Ruslan & Ludmilla

(the lovely adventuring ladies, Ruslan and Ludmilla)

(the lovely adventuring ladies, Ruslan and Ludmilla)

Fiddlegriff Animation is currently working on a short film called Ruslan and Ludmilla (accompanied, of course, by Glinka's overture). It's about two enemy princesses overcoming their differences and teaming up to fight monsters. It’ll be a fun romp!

The Dragon Prince

(Dragon Prince storyboard)

(Dragon Prince storyboard)

Fiddlegriff Animation has also been commissioned to complete a trailer for a project called The Dragon Prince. The trailer is currently about 30% complete. Go check out and support the project!

(some storyboards and production stills for the project)

So that's what's going on on my end of things! I anticipate a lot of work getting done this year, and getting much closer to officially launching production for Canary 751. Stay tuned!

hitting the ground running

I have a list of projects that I'm going to tackle, and the first one is a short film called Canary 752, starring two aliens on a decimated toxic planet. I did a rough design of them a couple weeks back:


I love parasaurs/hadrosaurs, so I based the taller alien off that.

One of the reasons I'm excited about this project is the effects I'll be using to make the aliens' skin constantly move with star-like patterns. Basically, thank god for alpha track-matting!

Typical of most of my shorts, there will be no dialogue, and the story will be driven by music and the characters' wordless interactions. I'm going to test myself to see if I can make this a shorter film rather than a longer one (it's harder for me to do short things, while longer things are the easiest to produce...).  I'm thinking 5-7 minutes.

Then after that, I've got a list of shorts and projects to choose from. Some of them will even be longer, like a mini-series. I'm rethinking an old scrapped project of mine called Ouroboros, which I had originally planned as my senior thesis but now might suit a mini-series format. Of course, I couldn't do it alone, so I hope to collaborate with friends.