future workstation

I’m at a software crossroads right now. Not sure if I want to spend the time learning AVID, but then again, it’s the grownup version of After Effects, and I can combine my effects software with it, thus cutting out a lot of futzing around in Adobe. But AVID is also twice as expensive as the Adobe suite. Hmm.

I also want to learn Toon Boom, since that’s basically Flash and After Effects combined, and it’s the software that many studios use (if they don’t have proprietary software).

The strange thing about the animation industry is that all the tools and software packages are majorly expensive, but animators are not typically well-off. Something is not right with this equation.

hitting the ground running

I have a list of projects that I'm going to tackle, and the first one is a short film called Canary 752, starring two aliens on a decimated toxic planet. I did a rough design of them a couple weeks back:


I love parasaurs/hadrosaurs, so I based the taller alien off that.

One of the reasons I'm excited about this project is the effects I'll be using to make the aliens' skin constantly move with star-like patterns. Basically, thank god for alpha track-matting!

Typical of most of my shorts, there will be no dialogue, and the story will be driven by music and the characters' wordless interactions. I'm going to test myself to see if I can make this a shorter film rather than a longer one (it's harder for me to do short things, while longer things are the easiest to produce...).  I'm thinking 5-7 minutes.

Then after that, I've got a list of shorts and projects to choose from. Some of them will even be longer, like a mini-series. I'm rethinking an old scrapped project of mine called Ouroboros, which I had originally planned as my senior thesis but now might suit a mini-series format. Of course, I couldn't do it alone, so I hope to collaborate with friends. 

It lives!

Finally, a proper website that isn't cobbled together with pasted code! I'm really liking this Squarespace layout, and Squarespace in general -- although, I'm waiting eagerly for the day they release the Video Gallery ability, because I really need that. And really, why don't they have that yet?

Anyway, this new website will help me keep up-to-date on things, as opposed to me letting my galleries fall into disrepair and quite frankly, a genuine pit of despair. It'll also be an excuse for me to get off my ass and produce things again--mostly animation, but some illustration and design stuff too. Looking at the year-old+ illustrations makes me shudder. I can't even look at the animations.

To kick off this new beginning, I spent the last 2 days animating a video to commemorate my 1,000+ subscribers on Youtube. It's a small benchmark, but a benchmark nonetheless, and I never expected it to happen. I literally ignored my Youtube account all year and recently logged in to discover that I'd gone from about 10 subscribers to 1,128. And apparently a miniature fandom had formed in the dark corners of the internet, which both flatters and horrifies me--and makes me want to produce more shorts, so here I go!