South Korean Puppies

Puppies rescued from the brutal dog meat trade in South Korea by the lovely people at They are flown over and I foster them through START Rescue until they find their forever homes. 


updated April 5, 2017

Mochi is 6 months old. She is a female Jindo/German Spitz mix, spayed. She is a sweet, gentle spirit. She loves to play with other dogs and run around the yard. She is submissive with other dogs, preferring to follow rather than lead. She’s a medium energy dog who loves going on walks. She also likes to pick out a quiet corner of the yard and chew on a bone. She is somewhat shy with people at first and will need a patient, positive approach to bring out her confidence--but once she bonds to you she will stick by your side, sit on the couch with you, and give you gentle kisses. She is potty trained via crate training, and knows "sit." Mochi is dog-dependent, so she needs a home with another dog. She needs obedience training for cats.

Based on her two breeds, Mochi will probably be no more than 35lbs full-grown, and will live 12-15 years.

Jindo dogs are known as cat-like dogs. They are picky about who they bond with, but are extremely loyal to their owners. They’re very intelligent and will take quickly to learning tricks. They are fastidious, grooming themselves often, and hiding their messes. They’re quiet indoors, but will rap out an alarm at strangers, making them good guard dogs for families. They are great dogs for active individuals.

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These two puppies were recently rescued from a meat farm and are undergoing medical treatment. When they are strong enough they will be flown to Los Angeles and I will begin fostering them.  

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